Family Counseling

Individual Counseling

Children and Adolescent Counseling

We value counseling therapy as a unique tool, employed in guiding and enrich the quality of Family life across the state. As such, we seek to provide optimum quality counseling services, which fosters healthy life choices and seek to assist each family in addressing issues affecting its growth as a unit. We help to facilitate issues such as:

* Blended Family adjustments concerns 

* Coparenting concerns

* Couples counseling

* Family counseling

* Parent Child Relationship

Our agency strives to provide individuals counseling services, according to each client’s unique needs and concerns. We seek to offer counseling services to individual clients, who are confronted with a range of issues and concerns such as:

Anger issues 



Life transitions

Women’s Issues

Men’s Issues 

Domestic Violence

Relationship Struggles

Career Concerns


Post-traumatic Stress (PTSD)


Disability Related


Accademic Related struggles  

Mid-life crisis 

Single Parenting 

As Children mature into teenagers, they experience a plethora of personal, collective issues, and challenges. Some of these issues do become overwhelming at times for them to address on their own. We offer  services and seek to journey with any child, and or teenager, by realistically addressing some of the issues they wrestle with daily. Our agency provides services to children and  teenagers as they transition into adulthood. We journey with children, and teens who are faced with and tends to struggle in addressing issues such as:

* Academic Struggles

Behavior Adjustment Challenges

* Communication Challenges

* Identity Crisis

* Relationship Struggles

* Social and prersonal boundries

* Teen Suicide

* Transgender concerns

Counseling Groups

Our group sessions involve facilitating mutual dialogue about personal, and collective concerns among members. Concerns are addressed with a spirit of empathy and mutural respect for each group member. This is done with the intention of increasing understanding about how to respectfully share space with other. We are cognizance of the ranging diversities that exist within each groups session. As such, we facilitate group counseling services with respect to the context, and needs of each member.

Domestic Violence Group

Anger Management Group

Adolescent Group


Individual Counseling

Group Counseling

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