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We employ various counseling techniques, as part of our effort to journey with our clients. We facilitate the client’s honest personal realistic evaluation of their situation, which seeks to help build their resilience. We empower our clients as they adopt new attitudes and perspectives, which may help to enrich their quality of life. We are mindful that counseling is not a quick fix. Hence, our approach to the process entails fostering mutual participation, and investment between clients and clinicians. We seek to facilitate client’s wholeness, by facilitating an increase in their self-awareness. It is our hope that clients may foster a willingness to address their self-defeating behaviors. We are aware that seeking counseling may scare some individuals. Therefore, we acknowledge and affirm the client’s effort to seek counseling, this is a brave step. We do not promise to fix our clients’ issues. However, our mission is to go the extra mile in affirming the clients’ value, by providing a space for them to be heard. 

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